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10 September 2006 @ 09:18 am
Please join us  
please join usIMPORTANT - This community is now 'members only', meaning that only its members can view the more recent posts. Please click here if you want to join us. If you have any questions or doubts, just leave a comment on this entry. :)

ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY - When this community was created, in July of 2006, it was devoted to Yamashita Shoon, former talent of Johnny's. When he left this agency in February of 2010, this community continued being active for those who wanted to learn more about him and collect or share scans, videos, icons, fanfics, etc. of him. In June of 2010 Shoon went back to the entertainment business with his brother Leon as the Yamashita Brothers (Yamashita kyôdai) under another agency: Sky Corporation. Therefore this community is now devoted to the Yamashita Brothers.

1. Wait... Shoon left Johnny's?
Yes. His activities in Johnny's ceased in February of 2010. He's now working for another agency called Sky Corporation.
2. Is Shoon attending university?
He studied Law in Chuu Ou university, and graduated on March 25th of 2011.
3. Is Shoon's brother, Leon, still in Johnny's?
No, he left the agency too (probably in late 2009). He's now working for Sky Corporation too.
4. What have Shoon and Leon been up to since they left Johnny's?
They opened a website and blog in 2010. After 2 blog entries with more than 3000 comments each-, they announced they were closing down both, supposedly to focus on their studies, though maybe there were pressures from Johnny's. They re-opened the blog, The Flying Sheep Cafe on June 6th of 2011 and have an official Facebook Page too. The website is currently still closed. They have a weekly TV show (Teenage Garden, Kime! Shitsuji) on the local channel TVK (TV Kanagawa), a monthly live videochat on NicoNico Douga, and have hold a couple of events in Sanrio Puroland, in which they sang, danced, played games with the audience... They have also appeared in a number of radio and TV shows, and recently they have formed a group with another Sky Corp. talent called Shintarô Mizuno, who is a composer and guitarist. They're currently recording a mini CD and will hold a live at the end of February.
5. How can I learn more about the group Shoon belonged to from 2002-7, Ya-Ya-yah?
You can start here or here.
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pranks98pranks98 on March 9th, 2010 05:04 pm (UTC)
thank u very much for accepting me as member of this family^^
maybe some here know me as YabuHika fan but i do LOVE Ya-Ya-yah family very much and SHOON is one of them
im sorry SHOON if b4 this my love and attention is mostly to YabuHika
im sorry SHOON if b4 this i didnt listen and watch u and taiyou much
im sorry SHOON if my biasity hurt u
but when u r LEFT...somehow i feel there's something missing
i'm totally regret!
i SHOULD try to know u BETTER
and i SHOULD LOVE u more
so here i am
i hope im not that LATE for loving u
I really hope this community will help me knowing more bout SHOON
For MODS...arigatou^^
thank u very much for sharing the love
as fan, what can i do now is always prays
whatever decision that u hv made
i hope it will bring HAPPINESS in your life^^

p/s: sorry if mentioning bout YabuHika is not allowed.
sorry if im not a very good fan to SHOON
sorry if i hurt someone feeling here.