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ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY - When this community was created, in July of 2006, it was devoted to Yamashita Shoon, former talent of Johnny's. When he left this agency in February of 2010, this community continued being active for those who wanted to learn more about him and collect or share scans, videos, icons, fanfics, etc. of him. In June of 2010 Shoon went back to the entertainment business with his brother Leon as the Yamashita Brothers (Yamashita kyôdai) under another agency: Sky Corporation. Therefore this community is now devoted to the Yamashita Brothers.

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Can anyone translate what they are saying in this?  
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Shoon was so fierce when confessing O.O! and Massu was like -_-;; and had that "yeah, right" look.

Shoon's solo at Daibouken con

EDIT: I just saw that we're 72 members already! Yay! I'll give you all a Shoon-related present when we reach the 100 members, so if you know of anybody that might like it here, invite them to join us! ;-)

Hi everyone! ^____^ Your mod is back from her holidays! =)

Thanks to everybody who has been posting in August for keeping this place alive. ^^BBBB

I edited a tiny bit from the Daibouken mp3 that can be downloaded at [Fiona's clubbox]. If you want the whole thing you'll have to ask her for the password as it is a password protected file. Please don't upload this clip elsewhere. ^^

Shoon's solo at the Daibouken concert, BadxNice (684 KBs): [Megaupload] - [YouSendIt]

It's really short, but I love everything about this clip, from the screaming fans ("kakkoi!!!!" - "So handsome!") XDDD , to the fact that it's the other half of the song we didn't get to listen to at the TV show. Also, for some reason Shoon's voice sounds even nicer. *__*

Also... have you seen the latest Shoon pic from the Duet October issue? (credits go to [MyHappyTown] again) So handsome! ^.^* By the way... for the ShoonxYabu fans out there... Isn't it really frustrating how these two can hardly ever be together in a pic? -__-U Why the hell is that? Does JE think they look too good together or what? ¬_¬# Hikaru and Taiyô appear together in this photoshoot.

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Bokura no Secret (Our Secret) - Part 10 (FINAL)

You thought this day would never come -heck, I thought this day would never come-, but it has. I've finished the last part of BnS! Took me long enough, I know, but my life has had its ups and downs this past month. Anyway, I won't bore you with that. ^^p So... last part of BnS. Is it good? I think it is. ^___^

It's longer than any of the previous part: about 40 pages long! @___@ and there's humour, drama, loads of romance, and things even get a little epic at a certain point. ;-) You'll learn about Shoon's cute sleeping habits, which are, oh, so convenient for the story LOL, hear more of Massu, and if you're still reading, Hana, you'll smile when you read about his encounter with a certain somebody. *winks* 

Anyway, I wanted to thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for having been such faithful readers, for having encouraged me to continue the story -this is the first story I've managed to finish! ^___^ -, and for all the lovely comments you've left me for each part of the fic. I hope you'll like this last part, and please watch for updates, 'cause even though the story is over, I have more BnS-related things in store for you, like a ShoonxYabu fanvideo I'm making, polls (for I'd like to know who was your fave character, least fave character, and so on), more True/False quizzes...

Okay, now I'll shut up and let you read. I'm off to reply unanswered comments from part 9. ;-)

[fake cut to the last part of the fic] XD

Haven't read any of the fic and want to give it a try? Start [here].